Prices, Orders & Payment

Name Plates

Plastic engraved name plates may be of four design types, so the price is partly dependent on whether the name plate includes:

      • metal organisation badge;
      • pre-printed colour organisation logo on engraveable name plate – a minimum of 250 name plates to be pre-printed and the actual production cost (artwork, setup and printing) and the printed blanks are held by us pending engraving;
      • an engraved organisation logo – organisation to supply a high quality graphic suitable for reproduction as a single colour engraving. The logo is engraved into the blank at the same time as the name and other text;
      • name and other text only – no logo or badge.

A major factor affecting the price of name plates is the type of fitting attached to the back of the name plate. There are several different fittings (findings) that we regularly use and they are illustrated in the photograph below, but we can also add Velcro to the backs of badges:

Standard sized name plates can have up to four lines of text, but the amount of text does not affect the prices. The prices for name plates with an organisation badge are as follows:

Spring pin (white or black plastic); Locking brooch pin; Clip and safety pin; Magnet; Alligator clip / Tie bar: Two-pin clutch bar (studs) with butterfly fasteners or deluxe flat-top brass fasteners; Mill bar – two threaded studs with two flat brass screw fasteners; Mounted on Perspex or coloured plastic for window pocket (such as for Polartec pullover or load-bearing vest; Velcro (hook part) – $13

        • Pocket slide (to fit in suit coat pocket) – $16;
        • Silver surround to standard name plate with any fitting – $16.

Add 10% GST to the prices quoted.

Replica citations, commendations, ribands and medals

Most military, civilian and several government agency replica citations, commendations, riband bars, full-size and miniature medals (swing or court mounted) are available from Knight Graphics. Prices are as follows:

      • Citation (depending on the citation and its availability) -from $12 to $25 plus clasps (see below);
      • Riband bars – single medal ribbon – $12; multiple ribbons mounted together – $22 for two and $10 for each additional ribbon; plus clasps (see below);
      • Full-size replica medal (swing or court mounted) or ribbon style commendation – from $45 to $65 (depending on the medal/commendation) plus clasps (see below);
      • Mini replica medal (swing or court mounted) or ribbon style commendation – from $ 25 (depending on the medal /commendation) plus clasps (see below);
      • Clasps on full size, mini medals and riband bars – $12 each;

Add 10% GST to the prices quoted.

Combination / Cluster Name Plates

Combination or cluster name plates comprise an engraved name plate mounted on clear acrylic/perspex with citations, badge type commendations other award badges (mounted above the name plate); medal ribands or full-size medals and ribbon-type commendations (mounted below the name plate). Prices vary according to the number and wholesale cost of the citation(s) and ribands and medals etc. that are mounted together.

Basic prices areas follows:

      • One citation, or award, mounted above or below the name plate – from $34;
      • One citation, or award, mounted above, plus a single riband bar below – from $46;
      • One citation/award mounted above the name plate and a full-size court mounted medal below – from $59.

As a rough guide – add $14 to the above prices for each additional award, citation, badge or riband bar and $45 for each additional full-sized medal. Also add $12 for each clasp on ribands or medals. As mentioned elsewhere, the prices for specific citations, medals etc can vary considerably, so contact us for a firm quotation.

Add 10% GST to the prices quoted.

Presentation Plaques, Glasses, Mugs etc. and framed retirement/resignation presentations

      • timber plaque with a  large “plaque” badge and an engraved plastic plate – $45;
      • timber plaque all engraved (if available) – from $35;
      • solid timber 5mm thick (maple, cherry oak, alder, walnut) all engraved and then framed behind glass – from $45;
      • engraved glass plaques – from $65;
      • wine/spirit glasses and beer steins – $18;
      • framed resignation/retirement presentation – from $330. Price is dependent on the frame size required, the type and number of items to be mounted that are supplied by the client and those that are to be supplied by us.

Add 10% GST to the prices quoted.

Labels, Signs and Tags

The price of labels and signs engraved in plastic are based primarily on overall size. We do not base our prices on the number of characters or words. However, we may make upward adjustments to our size-based prices for complex labels and signs, but may reduce prices for multiples of the same label/sign.

Minimum cost for a single one-off label is $4, but a reduction in price may be applied for multiples of the same label;

Maximum sized sign (610mm x 450mm) is $125.

Stainless steel and brass labels can be manufactured and etched by laser.

Add 10% GST to the prices quoted.

Please contact us for a specific quotation.