Electrical Labels and Signs

Engraved Plastic

Knight Graphics’ specialty for the electrical and fire protection industries is labels and signs that are laser engraved in micro surfaced impact acrylic – a plastic material that is available in a large variety of colours with the most commonly used colours being black engraved on a white background white/black; white/red; red/white; white/black; white/blue; blue/white; white/green; green/white; black/yellow; yellow/black; black/gold; black/silver, but many other colour combinations can be acquired for specific jobs.  The most commonly used material is 1.6 mm thick.  Labels can be as small as 6 mm x 6 mm up to a maximum of 600 mm x 450 mm.

Stainless Steel and Anodised Aluminium

We also laser engrave anodised aluminium and laser etch stainless steel labels

Anodised and Plated Aluminium

Some colours of anodised aluminium can be etched by laser engraver. Plated aluminium shields and labels for perpetual plaques and trophies, pet name tags etc. are engraved by rotary engraver.